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SSD Spawn Maps

Every Storm Shield Defense Spawn

Ready to defend your Storm Shield? Good! It is one of the most fun things to do in Fortnite. You can build up a massive base purely for defense, or maybe build it a little for aesthetics. Once you leave, the base remains behind unlike every other mission type in the game, so you can really go all out and sink ten tons of resources into it.

However, one potential little issue that some may find is that you don’t know where the enemies will spawn, but I’m here to help, Young Commander! Below are maps of every spawn point I’ve seen in the Storm Shield Defense missions. It is a possibility they are not perfect and may change depending on which amplifier you choose to put down. If you know a spawn point I missed, you can go on and tell me. These are just spawn points that I have personally seen.

How These Spawns Work

When you first put down your Storm Shield, the spawns will be close by and attack the Storm Shield hub. As you get to around placing the second amplifier, the husks won’t attack the hub anymore, they will target amplifiers. For spawns that happen at amplifier spots, they will no longer spawn there once you place the amplifier. They will spawn further out to attack it.

Stonewood Storm Shield Defense Map

SSD stonewood

Plankerton Storm Shield Defense Map

SSD plankerton

Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense Map

canny valley ssd fortnite
*Pro tip for Canny Valley – If you see a mine shaft, hallow it out and trap it up. Esspecially the one between Amp B and A. Also,you need to be concerned about husks spawning up high and falling down as well, so watch those roof tiles.

Where is the Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense Map?

It’s a comin’. Sometime. In the near future. In the meantime, there is this pretty complex one I saw on reddit to help those ahead of me.

Other SSD Resources:

  • Funneling/Pathing Guide This guide and the updated version below goes over A LOT of helpful points about husk pathing and how to build  to counter it.
  • Funneling/Pathing Guide Updated Version
  • David Dean Videos – David Dean has become wildly popular among the STW community for his videos about soloing SSDs. He does so primarily through traps and building, so if you want to solo, give his videos a watch, even if he does get a bit chatty at times.

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